Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | Sandra Ivette - Part of Quoz Encore

Sandra Ivette - Part of Quoz Encore

Sandra Ivette Berriel Jaquinet, a versatile Cuban musician, embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 6. With proficiency in viola, bass, piano, and double bass, she has showcased a remarkable range of talents. Her dedication to music led her to pursue a major in Viola, solidifying her expertise in this instrument.

Not only a skilled instrumentalist, but Sandra is also a talented singer-songwriter. Her compositions reflect a unique blend of musical influences, creating a distinctive sound that captivates audiences. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Sandra shares her passion for music as a dedicated teacher.

In 2019, Sandra achieved a significant milestone by recording her debut album "Comienzo" . This musical endeavor materialized into a mesmerizing collection of compositions that resonated with listeners. The album was later released in 2023, marking a momentous chapter in Sandra Ivette Berriel Jaquinet's flourishing musical career.

The Stage | 2:30PM | 27 Jan, 2024