Workshops by Wisdom Warehouse

Wisdom Warehouse

Wisdom Warehouse, an academic and creative hub for children, will be hosting a number of activities including a time capsule billboard, an outdoor activation, and creative writing masterclass.


28_29 Jan 2023






Wisdom Warehouse


Saturday 28 January

12-2pmMural workshop ‘Shift your world' | AED210
Create and design a large mural showcasing the shift from different worlds and parallel realms. This will be a 2hr workshop led by members of the wisdom warehouse team encouraging kids to design contrasting worlds.

3:30-4:30pm One for the Adults! Creative writing masterclass ‘Connect with your inner child’ | AED189
If you could design your very own school/educational outlet—the ultimate utopia for your child self—what would you create? This creative writing workshop for adults (18+) connects adults with their younger selves again and explores how education should look and feel.

Sunday 29 January

• 12-1pm Art Workshop – ‘Monumental Glow up’ | AED189
In an ever-changing world, it is time to shift the old to the new. Children will have the opportunity to give the world’s most famous (and old) monuments/landmarks a makeover to suit the modern world.

• 4-5pm Art Workshop – ‘Soundwave representation’ | AED189
Words are both powerful and meaningful. Kids will shift their creativity and power their imagination through technology to create an artistic masterpiece from a single word.