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The Bubblewrap Room

by The Smash Room

The Smash Room

Experience the joy and stress relief of returning to your inner child at The Smash Room's exclusive bubble wrap room, as part of Quoz Arts Fest!


28_29 Jan 2023






The Smash Room, Warehouse A1


Shift Back to Your Inner Child!

Experience the joy and stress relief of returning to your inner child at The Smash Room's exclusive bubble wrap room. From ages 3 to 80, everyone is welcome to pop, stomp, and relax in our colorful, de-stressing playroom.

Simply remove your shoes and dive into the fun! Remember to bring your socks, and know that all the plastic used will be recycled by Al Qouz's local recycling service. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to let go of your worries and embrace your inner child!

About The Smash Room:

Enter Dubai’s first “Smash Room”, where you can smash out all of your frustrations, no life coach or counseling session required. It’s basically a rebel’s version of a day spa.

The Smash Room Dubai has been in business for almost 5 years, providing a unique outlet for people to express themselves and release pent-up emotions. Whether you're looking to vent anger, and stress, or simply have a good time, The Smash Room is the perfect place to let it all out.

Located in Al Quoz, The Smash Room is filled with old furniture, TVs, laptops, and mannequins collected from donations (which you can help with, by the way). Everything here is expendable: go ahead, grab a chair and chuck it across the room. Throw a plant at the computer screen. Stomp on the telephone. Grab a cricket bat and show that lamp who’s boss.

The Bubble Wrap Event:

As part of our responsibility to create a zen world, we filled an entire room at the Smash Room with Bubble Wrap back in September 2022. We created the 1st of its kind in the Middle East if not the world!

Reconnecting with your inner child is a pleasure, but did you know that popping bubble wrap can help you de-stress faster than meditation? Popping bubble wrap for 60 seconds relieves as much stress as a 33-minute massage. Keeping your hands busy with small objects is relaxing and eases tense nerves. Popping bubble wrap also helps distract your mind from overthinking while at the same time focusing on the task at hand.