Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | The Black Flags of Medea

The Black Flags of Medea

Philip Mueller



14 Nov 2023 - 29 Jan 2024








From the depths of their enclaves the Black Flamingo Sad Boys, and the Naxos Racing Team emerge. It is a gathering of old and new people from paintings past, their faces masked as they pilgrim through new terrain. We are at the cusp of a chapter coming to its close - before our feet, the embers of a lifetime spent in the fruitless pursuit of pleasure crumble to dust.

The Black Flags of Medea encapsulates a fundamental stage in the journey Philip Mueller’s (b. 1988, Austria) characters undergo. After countless summers spent chasing some semblance of fulfilment, a dull ache has harbored in the pits of their very being. Unanswered questions loom large, demanding resolution. The exhibition revolves around this search for meaning, reflecting a period of introspection.

The days are long, awash in colors that ripen and mature underneath a late-setting sun. Mueller’s steady fascination with German Romanticism permeates his new compositions, as observed through his renewed focus on the natural world. These scenic works are of personal significance to the artist - of which one crucial scene unfolds in autumn, amidst a landscape he calls his birthplace.

About the participant

Carbon 12

A resident gallery of Alserkal Avenue, Carbon 12 is known as one of the original spaces of contemporary art in Dubai. Since 2008, the gallery has been offering a comprehensive, global programme of institution-grade artists, while regularly participating in international art fairs such as Art Cologne, Art Berlin Contemporary, Viennafair and Art Dubai. Carbon 12 also offers publications and talks to foster active engagement with the public and educational institutions

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