Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | The Birds Were Not Singing, The Birds Were Crying

The Birds Were Not Singing, The Birds Were Crying

Theatre & Dance

Immerse yourself in a moment of peace during these frantic times with Sima Dance Company’s beautiful and serene performance.


27_Jan 2024






The Birds were not singing, The Birds were crying” by choreographer Lana Fahmi.

Sima Dance Company’s visually stunning performance in Concrete engages with the concept of silence and noise in the context of an exhausted generation seeking peace. The dance performance by Rei Co, Mazen Nahlawi, Mohsen Al abdalla, Tomomi Aramaki,Lisa Rowley and Rama Khalifa, encapsulates our constant search for the specific, soothing quiet and calmness of the very first primordial experience in the mother’s womb.

About the participant

Sima Dance Company

Sima Dance Company was founded in Damascus, Syria, in 2003 by a choreographer Alaa Krimed, after noticing a void in the Arab contemporary dance landscape. Since then, his productions have been performed by dancers trained worldwide at Damascus Opera House, Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and various theatres in the region.