Rekord Gallery

at the Efie Gallery, Al Khayat Avenue

Rekord GalleryEfie Gallery

Efie Gallery hosts a record gallery which exhibits rare and important vinyl records from around the world. Through the exhibition of records, the gallery seeks to highlight the intersection of art and music, ultimately allowing for a holistic celebration of the Arts.


28_Jan 2023




Al Khayat Art Avenue


During QAF, Rekord Gallery opens its doors to celebrate music, art and culture.

The Rekord Gallery will host its first music exhibition ‘Sounds of the Earth’ combining live music and rare recordings. This exhibition will be an immersive experience that will fuse mixology, gastronomy and music together. The music being played will dictate the overall ambience of the gallery, whereby the immersive set up of lighting and visual elements will be altered to match the tune of a song, or recording. In addition, specialist chefs and mixologists will serve mocktails and dishes that align with the music’s influence. We invite all art lovers eager to enjoy listening to eclectic selection of artists and musicians from around the world in a space dedicated to revealing more of their talents and life stories.

Timings: 28 & 29 January, 6pm - 9pm