Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | Quoz Encore

Quoz Encore


The highly popular Quoz Encore returns this year to showcase exciting and emerging musicians in the UAE.


27_Jan 2024






Stage 2.0, The Yard, The Stage


The highly popular Quoz Encore returns this year to showcase exciting and emerging musicians in the UAE.

Quoz Arts Fest 2024 presents Quoz Encore, a series of live performances by emerging musicians of all ages and backgrounds. Following an open call in December and auditions earlier this month, selected singers, musicians, bands, and ensembles, of all genres and languages, will be performing new and original material, covers, and styles on stage for audiences at Quoz Arts Fest.

Quoz Encore is a platform that aims to support emerging musicians in the UAE to showcase their talent and includes no monetary benefits.


27 Jan, 2024

Miranda Fae
The Yard | 2PM

Sandra Ivette
The Stage | 2:30PM

Soli Y
Stage 2.0 | 3PM

Sophie Magali
Stage 2.0 | 3:30 PM

Gretel Alicia Milan
Stage 2.0 | 4PM

The Stage | 4PM

Stage 2.0 | 4:30PM

About the participant

Miranda Fae - Part of Quoz Encore

Miranda Fae, a Dubai-based Filipino musician, hit the UAE's stages in 2019 and hasn't stopped since. From the lively beats of Emirates Dubai 7s to the vibrant Middle East Film & Comic Con, Tunes DXB, MOTB at Burj Park, and the serene notes at Music At The Boardwalk Abu Dhabi, she's even left her mark at Salt Camp within the Museum of Future and the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi. Not to mention, Miranda's shared her tunes at numerous public and private gigs, big or small.

Sandra Ivette - Part of Quoz Encore

Sandra Ivette Berriel Jaquinet, a versatile Cuban musician, embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 6. With proficiency in viola, bass, piano, and double bass, she has showcased a remarkable range of talents. Her dedication to music led her to pursue a major in Viola, solidifying her expertise in this instrument.

Sophie Magali - Part of Quoz Encore

Dubai raised and based singer/songwriter with German and Slovenian background, Sophie Magali decided to take the leap of faith and turn her biggest passion in life into a career, writing and composing her own songs.

Gretel Alicia Milan - Part of Quoz Encore

Meet Gretel Milán, a Cuban musician and graduate of the Esteban Salas music conservatory in Santiago de Cuba. With a foundation in classical piano since the age of 8, Gretel has evolved into a versatile artist, expressing herself through vocals and piano across genres like Cuban music, Jazz, and R&B. Beyond her performances, Gretel is passionate about teaching and shares her musical knowledge to inspire others on their musical journeys.

Stage 2.0 | 4PM | 27 Jan, 2024

Redaround - Part of Quoz Encore

Red Around is a band of five based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with vocalist Amr Hisham, lead guitarist Omar Wahby, rhythm guitarist Omar Beshbishy, bassist Marwan Messery, and drummer Alaa Ibrahim. Most of the band hails from Egypt, excluding the Lebanese drummer. Formed in 2015, the band started by performing at various open mic nights. However, as their career advanced and their name spread, they began opening at bigger events such as the Wasla Music Festival, Expo City, The Fridge Concert Series, MOTN festival, Youth Theatre, AUD, AUS, and collaborating with brands such as Farfetch. Each band member has their own tastes and musical inspirations, which results in Redaround’s unique blend of Arabic and Western genres. Redaround’s debut album, Circus, was released in January 2018 and had a mixture of Rock, Pop, Latin, and Arabic genres, among others. Redaround’s second album was released in the midst of 2020. Which quite stood out and achieved great attention which led to performing in much more events and exposure.

The Stage| 4PM | 27 Jan, 2024

Yamane - Part of Quoz Encore

Born in Beirut in 1996, Yamane El-Hage is a musician, singer, composer and producer, known for her vocal range and emotional vulnerability. In 2019, she participated in the international reality contest "The Voice”, standing out as the first English-singing contestant to reach the semi-finals in an Arab-singing competition. She released her first single “90’s Kid” in 2023, garnering more than 1 million views on Youtube and over 80k streams on Anghami. Her subsequent single, “The Immigrant’s Song”, with a joint short movie by renowned director Elie Fahed, received unanimous praise.

Stage 2.0 | 4:30PM | 27 Jan, 2024


Soli Y - Part of Quoz Encore

Soli Y, a 12-year-old musician, embarked on his musical journey at a very young age, showcasing exceptional talent in guitar playing and singing. With a repertoire of solo and band performances at various gigs, gaining recognition that extended to TV and radio appearances. Soli Y's passion for live performances and his exploration of songwriting mark him as a promising young artist in the making.

The Yard | 3PM | 27 & 28 Jan 2024