Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | Poem is my name

Poem is my name

Arash Nazari



26 Jan 2024 - 21 Feb 2024






Leila Heller Gallery


'Poem is my Name,' delves into the poetic essence of miniature, presenting images inspired by the rich tapestry of life. The collection draws on the intrinsic connection between poetry and visual art, inviting viewers to not only read poems but also experience them through the visual medium of paintings.

Arash Nazari's work highlights the role of art in conveying the language of poetry, offering a profound connection between words and images. Reflecting on the collection, Nazari says, "Successive wars, conquests, destructions, and reconstructions have shaped history, leaving behind a few enduring remnants – buildings, poems, and paintings. 'Poem is my Name' is a journey through time, a reinterpretation of historical patterns and colours. It is an exploration of the joy of recreating these patterns and a tribute to the novel 'My Name is Red.'"

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Leila Heller Gallery

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