Quoz Arts Fest 2024 | Gunk Talks

Gunk Talks

Hosted by Neel Jassani


Gunk Talks provides a nuanced inside look at the creative's journey and the industry landscape they navigate.


27_Jan 2024






Stage 2.0


Gunk Talks, hosted by artist Neel Jassani, is a deep dive into personal experiences and insights of creatives, specific to their field, such as the impact of technology on creative processes, the role of collaboration and networking, and the balance between artistic integrity and commercial success. The conversations will also examine the broader context of the various creative industries, shedding light on current trends, challenges, and future prospects.

About Participant

Gunk is a publication centred around UAE’s creative landscape, delving deep into individuals’ personal journeys and innovative approaches within this sphere. The concept garnered significant attention and engagement from the local community, leading to its transformation into a central gathering point for creative minds that takes the form of workshops, panel discussions and a range of products in collaboration with local talent.

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