cl-u: show-n-tell | Session #2

Creative Show-n-Tell


Join friends of cl-u in a modern-day take on a childhood classic of show-n-tell as we encourage the community to showcase an object of significant value with hopes of starting deep-set conversations resulting in long-lasting bonds.


28_Jan 2023






Back alley stage


What is cl-u? Initiatives for Creatives

The one thing most creatives in Abu Dhabi have in common is that they believe they need to be elsewhere in order to make it as an artist or brand. Osama felt that there were so many creatives in the city but not many places to come together which meant not many knew each other. With that in mind, he started cl-u with hopes of changing that mindset.

• cl-u (creative link-up) is an initiative that was started with the mission of developing a wholesome & inclusive community for creatives in Abu Dhabi by hosting monthly events, gatherings, activities, and more.

• cl-u has organized 11 series thus far with multiple partners and venues, ranging from creative markets, open mics, show-n-tells, potlucks, and much more. The goal is to create a safe space for creatives in this city and to encourage collaboration, opportunity and long-lasting friendships.

Osama Mootassem The Founder

Born in Canada, originally Palestinian and raised in Abu Dhabi - Osama Mootassem is, by profession, a marketeer and, by passion, the founder of both cl-u and nvr frgttn.