Free Flow

Free Flow

Whether you’re an experienced dancer with some dope moves or an enthusiastic music head who loves to groove, Free Flow is not to be missed.


28_29 Jan 2023






The Abu Dhabi ‘Free Flow’ Street Dance Club was established in April 2022 by three key members: Waleed Abuhasheesh ‘WXB,’ Doris Tao, and Yasmine Messaikeh. Each member has a diverse dance background and a strong presence and network in the UAE’s street dance scene.

The main mission of ‘Free Flow’ is to host regular freestyle dance, practice, and knowledge-sharing sessions to provide a free, safe and supportive space for street dancers and enable the growth of the dance community and culture in Abu Dhabi. The club has a strong commitment to its mission and since April 2022 it has been organising freestyle sessions twice a week.

The Free Flow sessions have been continuously supported (by providing free a venue and advertisement) by Berklee Abu Dhabi, a prestigious international art and performance institution.