Festival X: Shift Away


28_29 Jan 2023






Creating a platform such as Festival X resembles building a flowerpot with nurturing soil, where the seeds of our community can be planted as members who are grassrooted in the region who will grow and blossom with the right care.

Festival X
marks the launch of a platform dedicated to developing a community of like-minded talents who envision a bright future for the region, as the team continuously aims to position Dubai as a central hub for the media arts, nurturing a space to share and exchange knowledge any ideas within interdisciplinary fields and practices, and provide tools that will help along the wav to create something magical that will one day serve as a potential solution to the issues of our world.

Rafael Ski
works with the tools of his time: the so-called "high-low technology", which roughly means accessible, simple and everyday electronic components combined with advanced technologies. The Brazilian artist has been exhibiting his artwork in several national and international galleries. Working with digital and interactive medias, his artistic goal is not circumscribed by technology itself: although Ski uses logical reasoning to create interactive environments, he seeks to arouse the audience, provoking reactions and feelings that go far beyond the sphere of reason.